3 Types of Men – How to Choose Suitable Watches?

Posted by Angel - December 15th, 2014

To be a man that has grade, he must wear a watch. Watch is not only a tool now, but also is a decoration, and a good watch is the highlight of a man’s dressing, and also can foil a man’s taste. Men wearing a watch is a classic forever! Men’s jewelry is not much, and the one only can show the taste and identity may be his wrist watch. What kind of character is to choose what kind of watch, therefore, we can also know the meaning of wearing a watch from man’s watch on his wrist.

Sedate pragmatic type

The men of this type would probably wear formal wear watches of all kinds of watch brands, although the different the purchasing power has different watch grade, what have in common is the pursuit of simplicity and sureness. Having a watch of this type in hand, basically you can cope with all kinds of occasions. Such a man is in the traditional sense of “good man”, solid and no fancy diamond and dazzling multi-function. Simple, just like that for this type men.

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Fashion Sports Type

This type of man has a young heart forever! Don’t think fashion and cool are the patent of the young, many of the big man in their 30 s and 40 s wear a large watch in a diameter of 40 mm, or there are dense timing bezel on the dial, let a person will know that such a man must be funny and enjoy life.

Flaunting type

The diamond and Gold are the indispensable equipment for this type of man, and watch is no exception of course that want to rely on them to increase their value. Such kind of man when put out a hand, you will know that they are rich without asking anything! And they are willing to let everyone know that he has a lot of money.

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