Rolex Classic Watch – You Deserve Having It!

Posted by Angel - February 4th, 2015

Rolex is a classic Swiss watch brand, and has always been a leader in the global watch industry. The craft and technology of the Rolex watch has produced its glory. Each Rolex man watch has its unique creation, unique personality, and the unique creation and design, and its uniqueness of the Rolex watches make it loved deeply by all kinds of successful person. Here just appreciate the replica watches for men – GMT-MBSTER II 116710BLNR in the follows:

For this Rolex watch, it is characterized by the frequency of 28800 / hour (4 hz), paramagnetism PARACHROM balance spring and the Breguet type balance spring, stable equilibrium balance wheel, 31 rubies, power reserve of about 48 hours, through the four golden fine adjustment screws you can highly adjust the accuracy. The watch strap of the Rolex Ref.116710BLNR is three rows of solid link oyster type strap with the texture of 904 L stainless steel, and watch buckle is folding oyster insurance clasp, with easily adjustable links and the watch strap can easily extend to 5 mm. the watch surface of this Rolex watch is in black color; The hour mark is of 18 ct white gold and easily readable CHROMALIGHT luminous hour markers.

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rolex yachtmaster replica

More tips on the Rolex Watches:

As the Rolex watch has very high demand for the technical parameters, so changing the Rolex watch case is a very fine work, according to different watch quality, the price of changing the watch case is different also. For the general Rolex watches, changing the watch case costs about 3000 Yuan or so. If it stipulated in the watch industry association, the expensive Rolex watches of tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the maintenance costs, it also needs to add one over one thousand of the inspection fee according to the watch introduction class. If you want to change Rolex watch case, you have to find a professional technology and resource allocation.

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