The F1 Predestined Love between Tag Heuer Watch and Jo Siffert

Posted by Angel - March 20th, 2015

Last year is the 43 anniversary that Jo Siffert left this world. 43 years ago, Jo Siffert died at an early age due to a tragedy of the racing accident. Jo Siffert was the first F1 brand image ambassador who was sponsored by Tag Heuer, and was the wearer of the one of the coolest chronographs in the history – 1969 Autavia.

A watch that is closely related with the sport legends or movie star really is an random revery for people, and the Tag Heuer Siffert Autavia really attracts the attention of the generation after generation, and the legendary color of this watch makes it be relaunched by Tag Heuer in the year of 2002. The reprinting and re-edition have become the popular trend of watchmaking, but it was created firstly from the launching of Carrera re-edition by Tag Heuer in 1996. After Mr.Jack Heuer returned back the company that was created by his ancestor Edouard Heuer and served as honorary President of the company, tag heuer replica watches launched three Autavia reprinting watches in 2002: Jo Siffert, Orange Boy and a golden edition watch.

replica tag heuer F1

replica tag heuer F1

The milk-white watch dial with bright timing dials that was designed and made by the “Siffert” series of the Tag Heuer subsidiary corporation ArteCad can be the best works of the brand in the history, and the exquisite watch ear and the nylon watch strap or the punched calfskin strap matched with each other perfectly. Yes, the movement is not the original Chronomatic Calibre 11, and the edition of nowadays is much more economic and durable. The cushion-shaped watch case design also follows the trend of the 1970s, and the round watches were very rare within that ten years. In recent years, Audemars Piguet and Hamilton also began to apply it to its own brand of reprinting watches.

Now Tag Heuer pays more attention to the Carrera. Ironically, the F1 series wrist watch case after turning is reminiscent of the 1969 Autavia. Perhaps Seppi will be glad to see these, but many fans are still eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the new Autavia wrist watch.

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